Small Business Liaisons

The Small Business Liaison Team (SBLT), which is formalized and expanded in Executive Order 12-01, includes 26 state agencies. ORIA acts as facilitator for monthly SBLT meetings. Subgroups develop outreach programs, solicit ideas for regulatory improvement, develop new business tools, and are creating an integrated enterprise system to help businesses interact with state agencies. Major accomplishments include:

• The online Small Business Guide, with sections on Plan, Start, Run, Grow, and Close, helps small businesses in various stages of a business lifecycle. The guide was accessed by approximately 50,000 unique visitors in fiscal year 2013.

• An online visual ‘Roadmap’ to license and register businesses in Washington, assists a new small business owner in navigating general licensing and registration requirements.

• Two videos, prepared by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, Employment Security and the Washington Department of Revenue in response to requests from business owners, with information on audits and taxes.

• Outreach to small manufacturers, restaurant owners, and related business associations on regulatory changes these industries face.

• Enhancements to ORIA’s website and Access Washington’s website for small businesses, based on feedback and usability testing from small business owners.

The SBLT continues to identify how government can serve businesses better and work together toward common goals of success and prosperity.


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