The Small Business Guide

The Small Business Guides provides helpful information, links to valuable resources, and outlines the steps for starting and operating a business in Washington state. The Small Business Guide is available in English, SpanishRussianKorean, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

The Business Guide includes sections that will help you plan, run, grow, or close a business in Washington State.

Planning for a business

If you have thought about starting a business, here is a quick guide to help you get from idea to prelaunch. Learn more in PLAN ...

Starting a business

If you have decided to start a business, here are the necessary steps you need to take before launch day. Learn more in START...

Payroll for your business

If you have employees, this guide can help you understand pay requirements and your payroll tax responsibilities. Learn more in PAYROLL...

Opening a business or expanding into Washington State

If you want to open a business or expand your out-of-state business into Washington State, here's a quick guide to our state requirements. Learn more in OPEN...

Running a business

If you already have a company in Washington State, here's an explanation of your ongoing responsibilities & tax obligations. Learn more in RUN...

Growing a business

Here are a some resources that can help you expand your business. Learn more in GROW...

Close a business

If you've decided to close a business, here you will find out how to plan your exit. Learn more in CLOSE...


Need a small business loan or looking for programs for small businesses? Here are some resources that can help. Learn more in Resources...



Business Guide Translations
La Guía Para Pequeñas Empresas
Справочник малого бизнеса
소 규모 사업체 가미드
Hướng dẫn các doanh nghiệp nhỏ
小 型企業指南

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