Marijuana Permitting Considerations

In addition to the requirements of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), marijuana producers and processors applying for licenses under Initiative 502 (I-502) may be subject to additional local, state and regional regulations.

This web page is intended to help marijuana producers and processors be aware of local, state and/or regional requirements they may need to meet. Additional regulatory requirements can include environmental permitting, land-use regulations (zoning), business licensing, and building/fire codes and have separate timelines and costs from the WSLCB process.

Additional information about the Department of Ecology's I-502 Wastewater Discharge Permit requirements can be accessed here.

Marijuana Permitting Guidance for Producers and Processors
Description File Name
Greenhouse Marijuana Producer Guidance Content Type ORIA Greenhouse Marijuana Producer Guidance.pdf
Indoor Marijuana Producer Guidance Content Type ORIA Indoor Marijuana Producer Guidance.pdf
Marijuana Processor Guidance Content Type ORIA Marijuana Processor Guidance.pdf
Outdoor Marijuana Producer Guidance Content Type ORIA Outdoor Marijuana Producer Guidance.pdf



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