Information Center

Have questions about local, state and federal regulations?

At the ORIA Information Center we help citizens and businesses understand and navigate Washington's regulatory processes.

We answer questions about local, state and federal permits and regulatory requirements and can research project-specific questions. If we don't have the information you need, we will connect you with the right people in local, state or federal agencies.

Our services are free. Email us ( or give us call (1-800-917-0043, 1-360-725-0628).

Some examples of how we help citizens and businesses include:
  • Connecting a small business owner wanting to start biodiesel production with regulators and safety officials.
  • Helping an entrepreneur understand the requirements for owning and operating an auto body business.
  • Putting a farmer in touch with agency staff to determine if a piece of property has water rights.
  • Explaining to a homeowner the permitting process for dock or mooring buoy construction.