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Need help with permitting?

Obtaining environmental permits is key to your project’s success. Our consultants help citizens, industry and businesses navigate the regulatory processes in Washington state. We work in collaboration with our agency partners, and can help identify which environmental permits and approvals may be applicable to your project.

Consultants have helped identify permits and approvals that may be required for things like constructing and operating a bolt and galvanizing facility, a biomass boiler, a boutique winery or a recreational surf pool facility.

The following stories are just two examples of impacts made by consultants.

Helping Property Owners Navigate Permitting Requirements

Peter Templin is a homeowner and board member of the Lake Marcel Community Club. He requested permitting assistance to replace a slide gate on a dam for Lake Marcel, a small private lake. Consultants helped him learn what local, state and federal permits he would need.

Partnering with Local Jurisdictions to Help Guide New Businesses

The Port of Bellingham requested technical assistance to help attract a bolt and galvanizing facility to Whatcom County. Consultants provided information about the environmental permitting and other regulatory requirements needed to construct and operate such a facility.

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