National Environmental Policy Act

What is the purpose of this nepa review?
The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was adopted by Congress in 1969 to ensure evaluation of the probable environmental consequences of a proposal before decisions are made by federal agencies.

NEPA requires federal agencies to consider a broad range of environmental consequences and available mitigation options prior to making a decision on a project, plan or program.
Who issues this nepa review?
Federal Agency
What activities require this nepa review?
NEPA applies to all major federal actions: federal projects or any project requiring a federal permit, receiving federal funding, or located on federal land. The list of NEPA categorical exclusions is determined in rules specific to each federal agency.
How much will this nepa review cost?
Contact the appropriate federal agency.
Do I need to include anything with my application?
There is no application. This is a review process by a federal agency.
Is the decision on my nepa review dependent on anything besides the information in my application?
Not applicable.
How long will it take to review my application?
Where do I submit my application?
There is no application. This is a review process by a federal agency.

Each federal agency must adopt its own procedures to meet the requirements and intent of NEPA. The review process of each agency will therefore vary. Generally, the NEPA process begins with a determination of whether a categorical exclusion applies. If an exclusion does not apply, the lead agency will prepare an environmental assessment (EA) or will prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS). The EA contains information about the proposal, alternatives considered and the likely environmental consequences. The lead agency can then use this information to decide whether no additional review is required or if an EIS must be prepared.
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How long is my nepa review valid?
Not applicable.
What is the appeal process for the nepa review?
Appeal process is determined by the lead agency.
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