Underground Storage Tank Facility Compliance Tag/Permit

What is the purpose of this requirement?
A Business License and UST specialty license/endorsement) is required by the Department of Ecology to own and/or operate an underground storage tank (UST). New permits and the renewal of existing permits are obtained through the Business Licensing Service. A Facility Compliance Tag (tag) is also issued when a permit is issued to a new UST facility. If the Business License is being renewed by the existing owner or a new owner takes over the business and is being issued a new Business License, the tag remains at that business and continues to be valid.
Who issues this requirement?
Department of Ecology
What activities require this requirement?
Owning and/or operating an underground storage tank (UST).
How much will this requirement cost?
  • $160/tank
  • $19/tank new applicant fee
  • $11/tank annual renewal.
These fees are payable to the Business Licensing Service.
Where can I get the application for this requirement?
The application is online and can be accessed at https://dor.wa.gov/manage-business/state-endorsements/underground-storage-tank.
Do I need to include anything with my application?
You must complete a Business License Application, the Underground Storage Tank Addendum, pay your fees, and provide proof of financial responsibility such as Pollution Liability Insurance. You must submit this application information to the Business Licensing Service within 30 days after:
  • New UST installation is complete.
  • Immediately after you retrofit (modify) your UST.
  • Purchase existing tanks or business to receive a Business License with the appropriate tank endorsement(s) in your name.
Ecology will then issue you a Facility Compliance Tag if it is a new business with USTs. If it is an existing business that is installing additional USTs or a business with USTs that is being purchased, the existing Facility Compliance Tag remains with that facility. Tags are facility-specific, not business-specific. The Business License and Underground Storage Tank Addendum forms are available through the Business Licensing Service or through the Department of Ecology.
Is the decision on my requirement dependent on anything besides the information in my application?
No. If you complete the Business License registration, the Underground Storage Tank Addendum, pay your fees, and provide proof of financial responsibility such as Pollution Liability Insurance, you will be issued a Facility Compliance Tag. As noted earlier, if your Business License Application is for a change of ownership, the tag from the former owner will remain at that facility.
How long will it take to review my application?
After you submit the Business License Application, the Underground Storage Tank Addendum, pay your fees, and provide proof of financial responsibility, it takes approximately two weeks to receive your Business License with the appropriate tank endorsements and a Facility Compliance Tag.
Where do I submit my application?
Business Licensing Service.
How long is my requirement valid?
One year, with required annual renewal of the Master business license and UST endorsement(s).
What is the appeal process for the requirement?
There is no appeal process.
Notes / Comments:
The Ecology Facility Compliance Tag may be rescinded for failure to comply with the UST law Chapter 90.76 RCW, and regulation Chapter 173-360 WAC. Without a tag, you are not allowed to received fuel deliveries. For more information on Department of Ecology's compliance regulations please contact Department of Ecology's Toxics Cleanup Program. Contact your local Clean Air Agency in your area or Department of Ecology's Air Quality Program for vapor recovery projects.
Legal Authority:
Where can I get permitting assistance?
Web page URL: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/tcp/ust-lust/tanks.html
Subject matter expert phone: (360) 407-7382
Subject matter expert email: krgr461@ecy.wa.gov
Department of Ecology
300 Desmond Drive
PO Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600
Telephone: (360) 407-6000
Website: http://www.ecology.wa.gov/
Triggering Questions:
  • Will you own or operate an Underground Storage Tank (UST)?
* Permit information last updated 5/19/2022