Noise Ordinance

What is the purpose of this ordinance?
Authority for noise abatement and control is with the local government. Many areas have adopted local noise ordinances. For areas without a local noise ordinance, State noise regulations, Chapter 173-60 WAC, set maximum intruding sound level limits statewide for three different land uses for both day and night: industrial, commercial and residential. For more information about noise ordinances that apply in your area, contact your local city hall or county commissioners office.
Who issues this ordinance?
Local Government - City or County
What activities require this ordinance?
Local governments set maximum intruding sound level limits or adopt statewide statute.
How much will this ordinance cost?
Notes / Comments:
A noise web page and two frequently asked questions documents, one for citizens and one for local governments are currently available at the Noise Pollution Frequently Asked Questions link below.
Legal Authority:
Local Government - City or County
Planning Departments
For assistance contact 1-800-917-0043 (Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance)
* Permit information last updated 2/7/2018