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  • ORIA has released their Performance Report for the last biennium.

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Our Mission

We provide people and businesses with information and resources to help them meet regulatory requirements and save time, money, and frustration.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the State’s most customer-focused organization and the first-place customers contact when needing assistance.

Guidance from our knowledgeable staff

Permit Assistance

With help from knowledgeable staff and online tools, ORIA can guide you through the environmental permitting process.

Start-Open-New Business

Visit ORIA’s online Small Business Guide where you'll find tools to help you plan, start, or grow your business in Washington state.

Out of State Business

Is your out-of-state business planning to operate in Washington?

Thinking of growing your business?

Expanding a business can require many different things, including money, employees, new locations, and new markets. Learn more about this in the GROW Section of the small business guide.

Small business guide

Looking for information on environmental permits?

The Regulatory Handbook contains information about local, state and federal permits, approvals, or licenses for Washington State. Although not a complete list, this list does provide in-depth information on most environmental permits