Permit Process Schematics

ORIA's permit process schematics illustrate the application, review, and appeal phases for specific permits. They show you step-by-step how various permit processes work.

Developed by ORIA and its partner agencies, the schematics show the responsibilities of the applicant, the regulatory agencies, and the public. They can help you chart out and plan for the permitting process. Subjects include: Air, Waste and Toxics, Water Quality, Water Resources, Work in or Near Water, General, and we are adding more all the time!

ORIA's schematics help you:

  • Understand how applicants and agencies work together.
  • Visualize each step of the process.
  • Understand at which stage public comment might be required.
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Schematics A-M
Description File Name
401 Water Quality Certification Content Type 401-Water-Quality-Certification-Schematics.pdf
Air Operating Permit (AOP) Content Type Air-Operating-Permit-Schematics.pdf [ver. 3]
Air Quality Notice of Construction (NOC) Permit Content Type Air-Quality-Notice-Of-Construction-Permit-Schematics.pdf [ver. 2]
Aquatic Use Authorization Content Type Aquatic-Use-Authorization-Schematics.pdf
Agricultural Field Burn Permit Content Type Burn-Permit-Agricultural-Field-Schematics.pdf
Agricultural Pile Burn Permit Content Type Burn-Permit-Agricultural-Pile-Schematics.pdf
Land Clearing Burn Permit Content Type Burn-Permit-Land-Clearing-Schematics.pdf
Citizen Proponent Negotiation (CPN) Content Type Citizen-Proponent-Negotiation-Schematics.pdf
Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Federal Consistency Content Type Coastal-Zone-Management-Schematics.pdf
Dangerous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility - Class 1 Modification (Requires No Prior Approval) Content Type Dangerous-Waste-Mod-Class1-No-Prior-Approval-Schematics.pdf
Dangerous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility - Class 1 Modification (Requires Prior Approval) Content Type Dangerous-Waste-Mod-Class1-Requires-Approval-Schematics.pdf
Dangerous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility - Class 2 Modification Content Type Dangerous-Waste-Mod-Class2-Schematics.pdf
Dangerous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility - Class 3 Modification Content Type Dangerous-Waste-Mod-Class3-Schematics.pdf
Dangerous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility - Modification Class Determination Content Type Dangerous-Waste-Mod-Class-Determination-Schematics.pdf
Dangerous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility - New Permit Content Type Dangerous-Waste-New-Permit-Schematics.pdf
Dangerous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility - Renewal Content Type Dangerous-Waste-Permit-Renewal-Schematics.pdf
Fish Habitat Enhancement Project Content Type Fish-Habitat-Enhancement-Project-Schematics.pdf
Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) Content Type Hydraulic-Project-Approval-(HPA)-Schematics.pdf
Industrial Stormwater Permit - Termination Process Content Type Industrial-Stormwater-Permit-Termination-Process-Schematics.pdf
Industrial Stormwater Permit - Transfer Process Content Type Industrial-Stormwater-Permit-Transfer-Process-Schematics.pdf
Large On-Site Sewage System Operating Permit (Between 3,500 and 100,000 gpd) Content Type Large-Onsite-Sewage-System-Permit-Schematics.pdf
Change Existing Water Rights Permit Process Content Type Water-Rights-Change-Permit-Schematics.pdf [ver. 2]
Schematics N-Z
Description File Name
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Content Type National-Environmental-Policy-Act-Schematics.pdf
New Water Right Permit Process Content Type New-Water-Right-Permit-Process-Schematics.pdf [ver. 3]
Notice of Intent (NOI) and Siting Criteria Content Type Notice-Of-Intent-NOI-And-Siting-Criteria-Schematics.pdf
NPDES Construction Stormwater General Permit Content Type NPDES-Construction-Stormwater-General-Permit-Schematics.pdf
NPDES Individual Permit Content Type NPDES-Individual-Permit-Schematics.pdf
NPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit Content Type NPDES-Industrial-Stormwater-General-Permit-Schematics.pdf
NPDES - Sand & Gravel Permit for Non-Portable Facilities and State Waste Discharge Permit Content Type NPDES-Sand-Gravel-NonPortable-State-Waste-Discharge-Permit-Schematics.pdf
NPDES - Sand & Gravel Permit for Portable Facilities and State Waste Discharge Permit Content Type NPDES-Sand-Gravel-Portable-State-Waste-Discharge-Permit-Schematics.pdf
Permit for Discharge of Dredge or Fill Material (Section 404) Content Type Permit-For-Discharge-Of-Dredge-Or-Fill-Materials-Section-404-Schematics.pdf [ver. 2]
Permit for Work in Navigable Waters (Section 10) Content Type Permit-For-Work-In-Navigable-Waters-Section-10-Schematics.pdf
Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) - Air Quality Permit Content Type Prevention-of-Significant-Deterioration-PSD-Air-Quality-Permit-Schematics.pdf [ver. 4]
Radioactive Air Emission Approval to Construct Content Type Radioactive-Air-Emission-Approval-To-Construct-Schematics.pdf
Radioactive Air Emission Exemption from Approval to Construct and License to Operate Content Type Radioactive-Air-Emission-Exemption-From-Approval-Construct-License-Operate-Schematics.pdf
Radioactive Air Emission License to Operate New Facility or Modification of an Existing Source (New Construction or Abatement) Content Type Radioactive-Air-Emission-License-Operate-Modify-Existing-Source-Schematics.pdf [ver. 2]
Radioactive Air Emission Modification/Revision Approval to Construct (New Construction or Abatement Controls) Content Type Radioactive-Air-Emission-Modification-Revision-Approval-To-Construct-Controls-Schematics.pdf [ver. 2]
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Site Identification Number (RCRA Site ID) Content Type Resource-Conservation-And-Recovery-Act-Schematics.pdf
Shoreline Conditional Use Permit and Variance Content Type Shoreline-Conditional-Use-Permit-And-Variance-Schematics.pdf
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Content Type Shoreline-Substantial-Development-Permit-Schematics.pdf
State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) (For GMA Agencies) Content Type State-Environmental-Policy-Act-GMA-Agencies-Schematics.pdf
State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) (For Non-GMA Agencies) Content Type State-Environmental-Policy-Act-NonGMA-Agencies-Schematics.pdf
State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Content Type State-Environmental-Policy-Act-Schematics.pdf
State Wastewater Discharge Permit Content Type State-Wastewater-Discharge-Permit-Schematics.pdf
US Army Corp of Engineers Administrative Appeal Process - Link G Content Type US-Army-Corps-Of-Engineers-Administrative-Appeal-Link-G-Schematics.pdf [ver. 2]
Water Conservancy Board - Change Existing Water Right Content Type Water-Conservancy-Board-Schematics.pdf [ver. 2]
Wetland Regulations Content Type Wetland-Regulations-Schematics.pdf
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