ORIA Resources
Description File NameCategory
ORIA Performance Report 2016-2017 Content Type PerformanceReportFY1617.pdf
Connecting you to the resources you need. Content Type ORIA Connecting You.pdf [ver. 2]
Improve Land Use Permit Process Content Type Improve Your Land Use Permit Process.pdf [ver. 3]
ORIA Performance Report 2014-2015 Content Type PerformanceReportFY1415.pdf [ver. 2]
ORIA's Strategic Plan for 2012-2017 Content Type ORIA Strategic Plan 2012-2017.pdf
Project Questionnaire - Online Permit Assistance Content Type Project Questionnaire.pdf
Pre-Application Meeting - What to Expect and How to Prepare Content Type Pre-Application Meeting.pdf [ver. 2]
ORIA Services Content Type ORIA Services.pdf [ver. 2]
Use of Voluntary Cost-Reimbursement Agreements Content Type policy_CostReimbursement.pdf
ORIA Annual Report for 2013 Content Type AnnualReport_2013.pdf
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