Regulatory Handbook & RCW 43.42A Permit Timeliness Data

The Regulatory Handbook contains details about most of the commonly required permits in the state and has links to regulatory agencies statewide.

This searchable handbook includes state, federal and local permits plus information about SEPA and NEPA processes.  ORIA updates the online version regularly with the latest changes to regulatory laws and requirements. 

The ORIA Regulatory Handbook Provides: 

Click here to access the Regulatory Handbook for

  • In-depth information about environmental permits, approvals and licenses.
  • Details about the “why” and “when” of each permit.
  • Links to state and federal statutes authorizing each permit.
  • Explanation about the costs of each permit.

Click here to access the central repository of Permit Timeliness Data for

  • Estimated time required by the agency to process a permit application.
  • Estimated time required by the agency to issue a permit decision.